Sophie’s Story


Sophie was diagnosed with JRA at the age of 2, but ongoing advances in arthritis research keep her living a healthier lifestyle.

Sophie was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (jRA) when she was two years old. Why was a two-year old walking with a limp? Sophie’s parents knew that something was terribly wrong with their baby and was determined to get to the bottom of the problem.


And, they did. Like most Americans, Sophie’s parents, Sabrina and Eric, did not know that kids get arthritis until she was diagnosed. But, thanks to early intervention and the treatment Sophie is getting from her rheumatologist, her physical therapist, and weekly injections of Enbrel, she is living a very active life in spite of the pain she feels every day.


Click here to learn about the many ways you can donate to help us find a cure for JRA. Sophie loves many activities but swimming, biking and riding her scooter are some of her favorites.


Sophie does not let anything stand in her way — her most famous words are “I’ll do it” and she has the determination and will to accomplish just about everything she sets out to do!


sophie2Now it’s up to the dedicated researchers like those funded by the Arthritis National Research Foundation to ensure that Sophie lives as normal a childhood as possible. “I know that Sophie’s future depends on the research being done today,” says Sabrina. “I want to help the ANRF continue funding these critical studies and increase awareness about juvenile arthritis. That’s why I joined the ANRF Advisory Board to support this work in every way possible.”


sophie3Learn more about ANRF’s efforts in Juvenile Arthritis Research.


Join Sophie and her family in the fight to cure arthritis by making a donation today!

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