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The Best Charities Are Transparent and Accountable


In order to continue to be one of the best charities in the country the Arthritis National Research Foundation undergoes a thorough and extensive audit annually by an independent accounting firm. The audit examines every transaction in detail resulting in an audited financial statement to show transparency and accountability. This is best practice for America’s best charities.


The independent auditors review income, expenses, grant making, endowment, investments, board decisions and board meeting minutes. For those interested we’ve included the audited financial statements since 2005 below for your review. Contained inside are the same numbers that have given Charity Navigator the ability to call the Arthritis National Research Foundation one of the best charities in America, ranking in the top 1% in the nation by receiving their coveted 4-star rating for twelve consecutive years!


As a nonprofit organization, the Arthritis National Research Foundation is required by law to file a federal tax return every year, Form 990. We’ve included all of the Form 990’s since 2005 below for your review.


Lastly, another mark of America’s best charities is to provide an annual report to our donors, supporters and potential supporters. We want you to know where your money is going so we’ve included the latest annual reports below in digital form. Should you wish to obtain a hard copy of any of this information please contact us and we’ll be happy to send it out.

The flow chart below shows how your donation is utilized by ANRF to fund this critical arthritis research.

Thanks to our commitment to very low overhead costs, we are able to maximize your donation by placing it directly into research.


Or click on the year below to download the desired Financial Statement, 990 or Annual Report.

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