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Charitable Tax Deduction

Your tax deductible donation can help find a cure for arthritis


There are thousands of tax deductible charities to choose from. The two primary decision points for making a tax deductible donation are:


  1. What cause do you want to support?
  2. How efficient are the charities that support that cause?


The truth is, simply finding a cause and making a donation to any charity that supports that cause is not necessarily a good investment in furthering the cause. The key is finding a charity that provides the most return for the money contributed. This is frequently measured as the percentage of each dollar given that ends up going to the actual cause as opposed to the “costs” of running the charity

Some charities, like the Arthritis National Research Foundation, are run extremely efficiently and over 90% of each dollar donated is placed into furthering the mission. So, once you find a cause you love, make sure you choose a charity for that cause that is responsible and highly rated by a unbiased charity evaluator.


The U.S. government allows certain charitable donations under IRS publication 526. Many individuals use this charitable tax deduction each year to reduce their taxable income. Many taxpayers make prudent financial decisions including year-end charitable donations for tax deductions as part of their annual financial planning.


Millions of Americans take advantage of this opportunity to save on their taxes every year. If reducing taxable income is part of your goal when you donate to charity, it is critical that the charitable organizations you are considering have good standing and their nonprofit status allows for tax deductible donations. As there are several types of nonprofits and charitable organizations, it’s always a good idea to verify IRS 526 applicability before making a donation.


One excellent option is ANRF, we are a Four-Star (highest rating) charity, as awarded by the premier online charity evaluator, Charity Navigator. ANRF is a nonprofit that consistently earns the highest ratings because of its transparency and efficiency. Ninety-one percent of the donations received go directly to fund arthritis research.


All contributions given to the Arthritis National Research Foundation qualify as a tax-deductible donation. Gifting through your estate can generate tax benefits for you today and may reduce the tax liability of your estate through a charity tax deduction. Here at ANRF we are happy to help you investigate a plan that will fulfill your desire to help find a cure for arthritis while benefiting your estate at the same time. Your 100% tax-deductible gift to the Arthritis National Research Foundation may be made in a number of ways.

Two of the easiest ways to donate to cure arthritis:


  1. Donate now by check or charge card (mail or online): Your donation gives you a tax deduction if you itemize on your tax return.
  2. Donate appreciated property as a tax deduction: The most common form of appreciated property is stock, but can include real estate, vehicles and artwork among other options.


Your gift to the Arthritis National Research Foundation can make a huge impact by funding arthritis research today and into the future.  It is possible to have a research grant named for you in perpetuity with a sizable gift to our endowment.  If you make a gift to the endowment, your tax-deductible donation will be set aside in a separate account with earnings from the investment of that account used to fund research into the future.  You also have the unique opportunity to choose the type of arthritis research you wish to have funded with your charitable donation.

Your gift could hold the key to help cure arthritis

Create a legacy for you and your family when you designate a future gift and tax-deductible donation to the Arthritis National Research Foundation in your will or through your estate planning process.


Read stories and testimonials from some our legacy partners and Contact Us to begin creating your legacy today.


Already have a charitable donor advised fund? Make a tax-deductible gift through your donor-advised fund. Click here to use our DAF form.

Don’t Leave Your IRA to the IRS!

Support arthritis research instead by making a donation


  • Make a tax-deductible donation to the Arthritis National Research Foundation from your IRA.
  • Your charitable gift supports critical research.
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