Marti Krupin

Krupin Partners, LLC, An Insurance Advisory

Born, raised and educated in Richmond, Virginia, Marti Krupin has a special place in her heart for the work of the Arthritis National Research Foundation. This mother of two grown children and grandmother of two has been married to Mike Krupin for 33 years. Mrs. Krupin is dedicated to caring for her family and non-profit work centered on health organizations.

When in Richmond, Mrs. Krupin serves on the board of Massey Cancer Center, affiliated with VA Commonwealth University Health System. With the passing of a beloved brother due to pancreatic cancer in 2004, she joined the ANRF board of directors to “help fulfill my brother’s belief that the human immune system is capable of healing itself.”

Learning about the extensive research funded by ANRF studying the immune system and its wide-reaching implications for autoimmune disorders, Mrs. Krupin felt connected immediately. Unfortunately, arthritis is prevalent in her family: she has fibromyalgia, her mother suffers from osteoarthritis, and her husband has the arthritis so many suffer resulting from sports injuries in their youth. “ANRF is funding the work I hope will one day prove my brother’s theory about the power of the human immune system,” Mrs. Krupin concludes.