The Ethelmae Haldan Grant

Mrs. Ethelmae Haldan and her daughter, Linda Pascotto are
strong supporters of the Arthritis National Research Foundation.

Research is the key to solving the mystery of arthritis.

For individuals who spend their days managing the pain of arthritis, it is no mystery. They know how the disease has diminished their quality of life.

ANRF-benefactor, Ethelmae Haldan, decided to do something about it. She is 88 years young and has suffered for 15 years with osteoarthritis. Her shoulder has been replaced and she needs a new knee – damage that is the result of osteoarthritis, causing progressive degradation of her joint tissues. The same condition has caused her to have both hips replaced and surgery to scrape the arthritic tissue from her spine to ease her back pain.

Ethelmae Haldan had the means to positively impact this disease by funding research aimed at new treatments, better understanding and eventually, a cure. She gave a generous gift to the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) at the end of 2007, directing part of her contribution to fund an entire research grant and the remainder to be used for research in perpetuity in ANRF’s endowment fund. Recently, Mrs. Haldan made a second large gift to add to the legacy for osteoarthritis research she is creating.


The Ethelmae Haldan Grant for Innovative Science in Osteoarthritis
is awarded to the top scientist funded by the Arthritis National Research Foundation
who is studying osteoarthritis.

The first two recipients of this prestigious award are:
Chuanju Liu, Ph.D. of New York University
Mai Thuy Lam, Ph.D. of Stanford University

Born in Seattle, Washington, Mrs. Haldan lived most of her childhood and adult life in San Mateo, California. She and her husband moved to the Lake Tahoe area in the 1970s, but she returned to San Mateo after his death in 1995.

Mrs. Haldan has a long history of diverse philanthropy. She has been a generous benefactor to her alma mater, Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, MA, to her churches in Glenbrook and San Mateo, to The Living Desert in Indian Wells, by establishing The Haldan Art Gallery at Lake Tahoe Community College, and of public TV and radio in the Bay Area and Reno, NV. Mrs. Haldan has also generously supported The Prem Rawat Foundation, dedicated to humanitarian missions in 22 countries.

“Her focus is now on her health and health issues,” Mrs. Haldan’s daughter, Linda Pascotto said. With her daughter’s help and research, Mrs. Haldan recognized that her generosity would have the greatest impact on cutting edge research with a gift to the Arthritis National Research Foundation.

“My mother chose to support ANRF because she wanted to help with the cure and alleviate the pain and suffering of people with arthritis – like her. She felt her gift would make a significant impact because of ANRF’s low overhead and the focus of the organization on research and cutting-edge projects.”