Touching Hearts with Her Cure Arthritis Message

Touching Hearts with Her Cure Arthritis Message

Raising arthritis awareness is a key element in the fight to cure arthritis. At the Arthritis National Research Foundation we rely on people like you to help make a difference by wearing Cure Arthritis gear, talking about the need for more research, sharing your stories and by Racing For A Cure. Occasionally, all of those things come together in a way that is both encouraging and inspiring.

Wendy Nail is a Racing For A Cure team member, Marathon Maniac and ANRF advocate. She is afflicted by rheumatoid arthritis (RA), but is determined to not let RA stop her from continuing her passion for running. She is committed to running and raising awareness through her races all over the world. In addition, she works to raise awareness and funds by representing ANRF at military bazaars since her husband serves in the military.

Recently, Wendy competed in one of the world’s largest marathons, the London Marathon. While the day of the race started like many others, it soon became a special day of awareness and inspiration.

Wendy had some Cure Arthritis bracelets left over from her awareness efforts. So, she decided to take them with her to the race, planning to use them to help raise awareness along the route.

“I didn’t count them, but I’m guessing I had over 100 Cure Arthritis bracelets,” Wendy said.

Wendy’s Cure Arthritis Bracelets!

As she ran, Wendy handed bracelets to parents, kids and spectators cheering along the race route, each time touching another person with the message that it is time for a cure. Wendy’s seemingly innocent act created a stirring and impactful representation of the battle she is waging everyday.

“It was so motivating, inspiring and just plain fun to hear the squeals of happiness from the kids and parents I handed the bracelets to,” she said. “And, while it probably slowed me down a little, it was worth it! Plus, I still ended up running my fastest marathon ever!”

Running the London Marathon while “carrying” the burden of rheumatoid arthritis, Wendy visually carried the message of hope for a cure through research by carrying the cure arthritis bracelets.

Wendy’s determination and triumphs over her RA continues to inspire everyone she encounters. Despite her successes, she still has her bad days when she’s down and out with a flare, which only makes days like her London Marathon that much sweeter.

Whether you can run a marathon or table at a local event, you can make a difference. Wendy is making a difference and fighting for a cure, we hope you’ll join us and do the same. Together we can cure arthritis!

Learn about the ways you can get involved at or if you have an idea on how you can help in your hometown let us know by contacting us!

Do you know someone who’s inspired you? Tell us about it in comments below!

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