Transparency and Accountability: The Best Charities Change Lives

Best Charities in the US

The Arthritis National Research Foundation has been named one of America’s best charities.

The leading online charity evaluator, Charity Navigator, has awarded the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) their best 4-star rating for twelve consecutive years placing ANRF in the top 1% of charities in the country. As a supporter you would like to how they make the determination and that ANRF is one of America’s best charities.


The sections below will help you rate ANRF as one of the best charities by providing you our operational information in the following areas:

Nonprofit Transparency and Accountability


Complete financial information including our audited financial statements and nonprofit tax returns are posted here. The best charities create transparency and accountability, while maximizing the benefits to the cause. We prove our commitment to research by being transparent.

Nonprofit Efficiency


Charity Navigator has given the Foundation its highest 4-star rating for twelve consecutive years; defined as “exceeding industry standards and outperforming most charities in its Cause.” See our historical growth and commitment to keeping our overhead very low.

Nonprofit Governance Practices


This section contains a brief overview of the all-volunteer Board of Directors, world-renowned Scientific Advisory Board and Advisory Board. We also share our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy as well as our commitment to the highest standards of operating procedures.

Arthritis Research Success


ANRF funded arthritis researchers have made breakthrough discoveries which have led to more effective and life changing treatments for people with arthritis. Our organizational review done by an outside panel of researchers to measures our research success.

As one of the best charities out of hundreds of charitable organizations, the Arthritis National Research Foundation is a smart decision so that your donation carries the greatest impact. We invite you to learn more about this arthritis research organization by clicking the boxes above. You may examine our financial statements, growth, history, governance policies, annual reports and the progress of our grant recipients to reaffirm your decision to support the Arthritis National Research Foundation.


We conservatively invest gifts and donations to the Foundation as outlined in our Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS is set forth by the ANRF Finance Committee and ratified by the ANRF Board of Directors. Its purpose is to reflect the policies, objectives, and investment parameters related to the financial portfolio of the organization   It is the intention of the organization to meet normal daily operational cash requirements through the revenue the organization receives from donor contributions and fund raising activities of the organization. Surplus funds beyond operation needs are invested pursuant to our IPS and form the basis for the funding of grants. The overall principle for the management of the financial portfolio is to rationally support the organizational goal of funding early stage research through investment policies that provide for both near term financial stability as well as increasing the research funding capacity over time.


We are committed to our supporters by ensuring that your donations are spent wisely. We want you to know exactly where your time and money is being utilized so you know that you are valued and making a positive difference. We rely on third-party reviews of our operational procedure, expenditures and arthritis research success to ensure consistency, clarity, dependability and reliability. When you support ANRF you truly are supporting one the best charities. We strive for excellence and we invite you to examine our documents to see for yourself.

We cannot help the millions suffering
with arthritis without your help!

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