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91 cents of every dollar goes directly into arthritis research programs

Donors who choose to make a donation to the Arthritis National Research Foundation are investing in the future of arthritis research. We only fund research programs, and our commitment to maintaining low overhead ensures that your gift will be wisely invested in cutting edge research with the best chance to cure arthritis.

We are committed to being one of the best charities in America and we were recently named the #1 charity to watch by Charity Navigator. Our commitment to our supporters and to the research are our main focus.

The Road to a Cure
4 STARS AGAIN! America’s premier charity evaluator awards the ANRF its highest, 4-star rating for sound fiscal management. Click here to learn more.
4 STARS AGAIN! America’s premier charity evaluator awards the ANRF its highest, 4-star rating for sound fiscal management. Click the logo to learn more.
Get Info On ANRF From Guidestar
Get info on ANRF From Guidestar.

The Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) provides funding for highly qualified researchers associated with major research institutes, universities and hospitals throughout the United States. Over the last 40 years, the ANRF has provided arthritis research grants to nearly 200 researchers, all of whom seek to prevent, treat and cure arthritis and related rheumatic diseases.

The Foundation receives no government funding; it operates solely through the generosity of individual contributions. Donors choose the Arthritis National Research Foundation because every gift – large or small – makes a big impact in the field of arthritis research.

Help us cure arthritis and donate now!

Please read on to see why other donors have chosen to join us in the search to cure arthritis.


“Since 2001, we’ve partnered with the Arthritis National Research Foundation to support scientists whose innovative studies offer the highest hope for rheumatoid arthritis patients.”

The Sontag Foundation completed an extensive review of ANRF’s activities, overhead and mission, determining that their money will go where it is meant, to the important arthritis research. Each year they review the grant recipients and projects recommended for funding after the NIH-level review by ANRF’s Scientific Advisory Board to match their special interest in rheumatoid arthritis research. In each of the past 11 years, the Sontag Foundation has supported a full rheumatoid arthritis research grant. Read their story here

The Ethelmae Haldan Grant for Innovative Science in Osteoarthritis

“I chose to support ANRF to help with the cure and alleviate the pain and suffering of people with arthritis – like me. I felt my gift would make a significant impact because of ANRF’s low overhead and the focus of the organization on research and cutting-edge projects.”

Research is the key to solving the mystery of arthritis. For individuals who spend their days managing the pain of arthritis, it is no mystery. They know how the disease has diminished their quality of life.

ANRF-benefactor, Ethelmae Haldan, decided to do something about it. She is 88 years young and has suffered for 17 years with osteoarthritis (Continue reading her story)

The Jack and Vonnie Schlomer Grant

“They wanted to make a lasting impact in an organization that would use their gift wisely to help cure arthritis.” Executor of the Schlomer estate.

Lawrence “Jack” Schlomer was a CPA who spent most of his career working for the Department of Defense auditing the government contracts. He lived in La Canada and acquired properties as a hobby before and after retirement.

Jack was a single man well into his 40s. He met Margaret Veronica “Vonnie” at a church function; Vonnie had been a nun for 25 years prior to meeting Jack. During their courtship they met at burger joints so each would not know that the other had assets – they didn’t want to be “married for their money.” (Continue reading)

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