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Funding Research and Creating Careers

The Scientific Advisory Board, which includes members who received ANRF grant funding early in their careers, is responsible for reviewing and evaluating grant applications each year.  We are committed to supporting grant funded researchers throughout their research and beyond. The grants awarded provide career changing funding which transcends the timeframe of the grant — establishing careers and allowing for scientists to continue to produce impactful research throughout their careers — continuing to improve the lives of those living with arthritis and related autoimmune diseases.


How Your Donation Funds Life-Changing Research

Funds grants to early-career scientists doing research to improve treatments and find a cure for arthritis and related autoimmune diseases. 

Allows early-career scientists to establish and build sustainable careers while focusing on their research funded by ANRF.

Research scientists perform the groundbreaking work to understand causes and find new targets for treatments.

Supports innovative ideas and treatments to improve the quality of life for those living with arthritis and related autoimmune diseases. 

Our Work
Is Not Done

One in every four adults — more than 58.5 million — in the U.S. are living with arthritis, and that number continues to grow. Until these numbers stop growing and there is a cure, our work is not done. We are able to increase grant funding because donors understand how critical research is. 


Researchers, Scientific Advisory Board & Board of Directors

At the core of ANRF is research, but that can’t exist without the brilliant minds who understand the potential of the ideas and the science behind them. Annually Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) members review and evaluate each application received individually, then collectively meet to make the difficult decisions of which research projects have the most potential and should be recommended for funding. The Board of Directors then reviews the recommendations and grants are awarded to the selected early-career scientists. The progress in treatments and toward a cure for arthritis and related autoimmune diseases is only possible because of the people behind the research. 

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