Emily Boyd Stormoen

Chief Executive Officer

Emily Boyd Stormoen has more than 20 years of progressive experience working in the nonprofit sector as a senior executive leader, focusing on business development, strategic planning and revenue generation.

She previously served as Chief Revenue Officer for the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) for six years where under her leadership, the portfolio hit new revenue highs and new records for number of gifts booked for the Foundation. At the NPF, she created a medical education program certifying it as ACCME accredited with commendation. In this role, she was responsible for providing vision, leadership and overall management of the organization’s revenue-producing initiatives. Emily oversaw all activities related to cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of financial support from individuals, organizations, industry partners, foundations and transactional relationships.

Originally hired as NPF’s Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Medical Affairs and Director of Medical Programs, part of her responsibilities included staff lead to the Medical Board.

Prior to joining the NPF, Emily oversaw medical education and program development for the Oregon Medical Association. While there, she developed courses focusing on healthcare reform, risk management and physician wellness. Currently, Emily is a member of the National Health Council (NHC) serves on its Chief Development Officer Affinity Committee. She has a B.A. in Sociology from UCLA.

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Ashley Barrow

Director of Individual Giving

Ashley Barrow, a seasoned development professional passionate about fundraising for health, is the Assistant Director of Development and with a personal and family history of arthritis, she is deeply connected to the ANRF mission.

A graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder with a bachelor’s degree in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, she has more than six years of fundraising experience for a variety of health issue areas including social determinants, mental health, and physical health. While overseeing the Development department at Healthier Colorado, she managed all aspects of fundraising from grant research and writing to digital fundraising and sponsorships. She also raised funds for important issue areas including increasing access to affordable mental and physical healthcare, universal preschool and the health impacts of climate change.

Earlier in her career, Ashley successfully fundraised and executed events to raise money for underserved children and families across Colorado living in low-income and transitional housing at Marion Downs Center. Her ground-level experience with the health disparities drives her passion to bring awareness and change to these important issues.

In her free time, you can find Ashley traveling, skiing, hiking and hanging with her pup, Oliver, a 16-pound rescue who goes everywhere throughout Denver with Ashley, where she lives.

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Jenny Dunne

Director of Marketing and Communications

Jenny has spent the majority of her career committed to elevating the visibility of nonprofit causes. As a marketer and consultant, Jenny has worked in arts, education, human services, and healthcare. In her recent role as the Director of Marketing at Mary Crowley Cancer Research, she gained a deep understanding of the process to bring novel therapies to approval and the immediate importance of additional treatment options for those in need.

Jenny has been responsible for raising organizational profiles nationally and internationally by leading the strategic marketing vision, digital strategy, website optimization, and the myriad of responsibilities in a marketing leadership role. She loves the opportunity to marry her professional passions with personal priorities and is thrilled to bring that enthusiasm to ANRF.

In her free time, Jenny enjoys spending time with her family and attempting new recipes for her obliging taste testers. 

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Audrey Viers

Director of Operations

Audrey comes to ANRF after over a decade in non-profit youth sports, where she developed a deep appreciation for how non-profits improve the quality of life for humanity. Her extensive experience in business development along with being a former RN who saw firsthand the effects of arthritis on patients, aligning with the mission of ANRF to provide funding to cure arthritis was easy. Audrey’s background in business and non-profit administration as well as her medical experience has brought a wealth of knowledge to ANRF.

A passion for health care and caring for others started very young, which led to Audrey becoming an RN in 2003, and continuing on to a BS in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from UC, Irvine in 2005.

In her free time, Audrey is usually running through the trails of Orange County or swimming through the waters of Laguna Beach, and also has an affinity for baking and eating cookies.

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Kalen Young

Director of Corporate Affairs

Kalen Young brings over 15 years of non-profit experience to the ANRF, specializing in executive leadership, research consultancy, and organizational dynamics within autoimmune and inflammatory disease research.

She previously served as the Executive Director for the Logan Health – Whitefish Foundation, spearheading comprehensive fundraising programs and events while nurturing strategic partnerships to fortify the institution’s philanthropic endeavors. As Director of Development and Communication at the Vasculitis Foundation, Kalen expanded the organization’s reach internationally through robust, relationship-focused communication strategies. Additionally, as Director of Research Affairs for the Vasculitis Patient-Powered Research Network, she established a pioneering clinical research network, elevating the organization’s profile while securing substantial funding and driving groundbreaking research initiatives.

Kalen’s multifaceted expertise encompasses strategic planning, corporate governance, business development, and qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, driven by a passion for improving patients’ quality of life through advanced research.

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Denzel Davis-Jenifer

Content Marketing Manager

With over a decade of experience in brand content marketing, Denzel brings a solid background in communication, marketing, branding, and design. Throughout his career, he has developed a profound understanding of brand narratives and their significant impact on engaging audiences.

Denzel’s expertise goes beyond traditional marketing. His innovative mindset and ability to execute creative strategies have consistently elevated brand visibility and fueled growth. He is skilled in creative writing, design, and visual storytelling, making him a dynamic force in brand content marketing.

Throughout his journey, Denzel has held positions that have furthered his expertise and showcased his commitment as a lifelong learner. He continuously stays updated with industry trends, ensuring his marketing strategies are effective, innovative, and fresh. This thirst for knowledge, combined with his practical experience, empowers him to drive change in the marketing field.

In his free time, he can be found traveling with his partner or trying out new tech gadgets.

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Laura Douglas

Grants Program Manager

For over 10 years, Laura Douglas has committed her career to becoming a change agent for public health. Starting her career as a community nutritionist, she kindled a passion for healthcare and a joy for building relationships. She now brings that enthusiasm to the ANRF as the Grant Program Manager.

Prior to joining the ANRF team, Laura worked as a Grant Contract Manager for the New York State Department of Health; where she received the Commissioner’s Award for Changing the Lives of New Yorkers. She has earned a B.S. in Dietetics from the State University of New York at Oneonta, an MBA from Western Governors University, and is recognized as a PMP by the Project Management Institute.

In her free time, Laura can be found traveling, making pottery, volunteering, and spending time with her husband and rescue Pitbull in their hometown of Buffalo, NY.

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Jeremy Scott

Development Associate

Harnessing skills spanning project management and non-profit development, Jeremy brings versatility to his role as ANRF’s Development Associate. His passion for non-profit development emerged during his time spent in advocacy organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area where he worked to advance equitable housing, education and health for vulnerable young people and members of the LGBTQ community. Throughout these roles, Jeremy fine-tuned his skills in donor stewardship and cultivation, fundraising event management, and content creation linking programmatic work with donor knowledge.

Complimenting his zeal for creating change through advocacy and development, he also brings an eye for process improvement honed through seven years of experience in project management while working for tech companies across the United States.

In his free time, he can be found reading celebrity memoirs and Stephen King books, hanging out with his French Water Dog Charlotte (Charlie) Mareé, listening to pop-culture, comedy, and true crime podcasts, and soaking up southern California desert sunshine with his partner.

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