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An ardent and generous supporter of the Arthritis National Research Foundation since 2001, Britt Meyer works hard to promote the values and mission of the organization. She chairs the Special Events Committee to fulfill her goal of increasing awareness of and support for ANRF.


Raised in Seattle, Washington, Mrs. Meyer worked for many years in the fashion industry, first in New York City, then in Los Angeles. She has been married for nine years and works with her husband as a director of Meyer Properties and its subsidiary companies. In addition to her support for ANRF, Mrs. Meyer is involved in many other charitable organizations including support of abused children and the performing arts.


“On a personal level, my father suffers from arthritis. However, I am most concerned that today’s fast-paced society and its attendant stress levels are increasing the numbers of individuals affected by autoimmune disorders,” said Mrs. Meyer. “ANRF puts the most donation dollars into the hands of researchers by keeping our overhead low.”


Join Britt by supporting arthritis research and make a donation today![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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