The following is a description of a study from one of the many researchers that our organization has funded.

Lipid Antigen Presentation by Endothelial Cells: A Molecular Model of Kawasaki Disease

David S. Leslie, M.D.
Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts
Kawasaki disease (KD) is the leading cause of acquired heart disease among children in the U.S., causing damage to the blood vessels, including those that supply the heart. Dr. Leslie studied the role of a molecule called CD1, which can present self-lipid molecules to host immune cells (T cells), known factors in the inflammatory processes in lupus and other autoimmune diseases. Dr. Leslie also analyzed cytokines in patients for their effect on CD1 expression and inflammation. An improved understanding of the basic mechanisms involved may help guide improved diagnosis and treatment for children affected by these conditions.
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