Vic Braden Tennis Colleges

The co-founder of the 5th ranked tennis camp worldwide, Vic Braden has enjoyed a long career on the court and in television studios as a player and commentator. Vic turned pro immediately after graduating from college and played three times in the World Tennis Championships. In 1961, he teamed with longtime friend and peer, Jack Kramer, to develop the renowned Jack Kramer Tennis Club, and later co-founded the Coto Sports Research Center in Coto de Caza, California. In 1986, he created the Vic Braden Ski College in Aspen, Colorado, and then went on to develop Vic Braden Tennis Colleges in California, Utah and Florida.

The author of 6 books on tennis technique and psychology, Vic is also a well-known tennis commentator. It was one of Vic’s tennis clients who introduced him to the ANRF and its research extensions into arthritis and other auto-immune disorders. Having suffered the loss of both his sister and daughter to the auto-immune disease, lupus, Vic saw an opportunity to create connections between the ANRF and the sports world and, at the same time, provide education and support to other families struggling with lupus in their lives.

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