Accountability & Governance

Arthritis National Research Foundation grant recipients are accountable to us and we are accountable to you.

The Arthritis National Research Foundation requires a progress report from grant recipients halfway through their one-year grant term. Upon review and approval by members of the Scientific Advisory Board, the second half of the grant amount is paid. A final narrative and financial accounting report is due from grant recipients to ANRF within six weeks of the end of the grant term. As part of their grant agreement, grant recipients must reference the support from the Arthritis National Research Foundation in any publication of work resulting from their ANRF-funded study.

Volunteer Board of Directors

We are governed by an all-volunteer, community Board of Directors responsible for the strategic direction and initiatives of the organization, including oversight of operations and policies. These individuals have a personal commitment, unique skills and professional backgrounds to benefit the Arthritis National Research Foundation. The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy adopted by the Board of Directors is posted here for your review. This document outlines the Foundation’s business practices, “whistleblower” policy, and nondiscrimination policy, among others.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board is responsible for ANRF’s annual grant review process and recommendation for funding. They are world-renowned physicians-scientists who also serve as volunteers, citing “the importance of funding the next generation of investigators” as the reason for their commitment to ANRF. Read more about these leaders in the field of arthritis research by clicking here. In our Video Gallery, you can “Meet the Scientists” featuring two of our Scientific Advisory Board members and one former grant recipient talking about the importance of an ANRF in the careers of young scientists and to the overall effort of moving this research forward.

Independent Review

A committee of three independent, nationally renowned research scientists conducted an in-depth review of the Arthritis National Research Foundation’s grant making process, policies and outcomes. They studied the progress we have made in research and the full report is available here: